Hey 👋 Nice to Meet You!

We're the Boost Collective team - a Toronto based agency helping artists since 2017.

We're all music artists (Damian and Ronan are electronic music producers, Jabari is wicked on a beat machine).

We've helped over 25,000+ artists get heard, from superstars to your nextdoor neighbor.

We're most well-known for our music distribution platform, that's 100% free to use, forever.

We're also known for our Spotify playlists. We run, own, and have access to playlists that generate millions of streams for artists monthly.

  • Us going out and supporting our boy Smiley, who had the famous Drake collab: 'Over The Top'.

  • Going out to support local talent is important to us! Here's us supporting Keelo D'Ville at his latest show.

  • The Boost Collective team at the Collision tech conference in 2022, representing music artists in a tech-oriented world.