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Promote on Spotify, Entirely Free.

Distribute your music for free through Boost Collective to get free Spotify playlist placements that'll actually bring you real + organic growth.


Get Placed on Relevant Playlists

No more picking playlists and hope they work. We place you on our own native playlists that best suits your song. ​

By getting placed, you’ll see real, organic listeners on your music. Great results, every time.

You Shouldn't Have to Pay For Good Spotify Promotion.

Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on music promotion or submitting to countless playlist curators and getting no replies.

We give you cutting-edge promotion that actually moves the needle - except it’s entirely free. Once you use Boost Collective’s promotion, you won’t ever want to go back.

Why Choose Boost Collective?

No-compromise free distribution that ticks all the boxes.

  • Distribute to 150+ stores worldwide
  • Fast release and delivery speeds
  • Release unlimited songs/albums
  • Keep 100% of your earnings
  • 100% ownership of your masters
  • No limits, fees or upgrades
  • Pre-order and splits funtionality

So good you can run an entire label, all for free.

  • Add to unlimited artists & labels
  • In-depth splits and invoicing ability
  • Keep 100% of your earnings
  • Daily sales and stream analytics
  • No limits, fees or upgrades, ever
  • Custom label name, image

Did we mention comprehensive analytics and splits?

Compare us to your current distributor:

Access tools like the cover art maker,
music video maker & more - all for free.

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Is Boost Collective Spotify Promotion Really Free?

Yes! No strings attached – all you need is a free Boost Collective account. When you use Boost Collective to distribute your music for free, you’ll be able to get Spotify music promotion for your releases as well, entirely free.

The norm in the music industry up until now is that either 1) you must pay to get proper Spotify promotion or 2) desperately try to submit your music to playlist curators through platforms like Daily Playlists or SubmitHub, and barely ever getting a playlist placement or reply.

That’s why Boost Collective is ideal – Your music will be added to Spotify playlists most of the time, and you’ll be added to playlists that will actually make a difference in growing your Spotify plays, followers, Release Radar, playlists exposure, and more.

The way you earn Spotify playlist promotion with Boost Collective is not by paying hundreds of dollars. Rather, you get rewarded with Spotify promotion campaigns by simply using our free platform.

That way, you’ll be able to promote your music on Spotify without ever having to pay a dime. It’s the new era for music artists – and we’re here to push this change!

How to Get Spotify Promotion For Free

There are three main ways you can get free promotion:

  1. Use Daily Playlists or SubmitHub to submit your music to curators

  2. Find play lists on Spotify manually and email them

  3. Use Boost Collective’s free Spotify playlist promotion tool

Let’s start with the first method. Platforms like Daily Playlists and SubmitHub are good places to start. First of all, both of these platforms have paid versions – their free versions limit the amount of submissions you can make, although it’s still worth trying.

The downside is that you’re limited in quite a few ways with this method:

  • It’s playlist pitching, which means you rarely get accepted and placed on play lists

  • Playlists might have fake followers or provide little to no results

  • You need to find and pick play lists yourself that you think would fit your music, which takes a lot of time

  • You’re limited to only the free version which only lets you submit a few times a month.

Okay, let’s see what we have in store with method 2: manually finding Spotify playlists!

This can be a great way to find playlists. Simply go on Spotify and search around for playlists that would match your music. Click on the playlist, and you might find an email address or submission link to get on the playlist. With enough work, you might get a nice list of playlists you can submit to!

The issue is that it’s a very time-intensive strategy:

  • Knowing where to look on Spotify for good play lists can be tough

  • Many Spotify playlists might not have contact information in their description, increasing the time you need to search

  • You’ll need to manually email curators, and might not actually get placed.

That leaves up with one last way you can get real Spotify Promotion for free: Boost Collective.

The biggest upsides are that 1) you save time, 2) you don’t need to pay anything, and 3) your music will actually get on playlists. Here are the benefits:

  • You aren’t playlist pitching, your song will be given an actual promotion campaign where you’ll be added to multiple playlists.

  • You won’t need to pay anything, ever. There’s no limitations.

  • Your music will be added to relevant, quality play lists that actually grow your monthly listeners. We listen to every song and add it to our play lists that best matches your song.

There’s one thing to keep in mind: you can use Boost Collective’s free promotion tool on songs you have distributed through the Boost Collective platform. The good news is that the platform gives you unlimited free music distribution, so you can simply upload a new release through the platform and then run free Spotify campaigns.

Overall, in our cheeky opinion, the upsides of Boost Collective far outweigh what other options you may find on the web.

Best Spotify Promotion Services

There are loads of Spotify promotional services out there – and every one of them are vying for your attention.

There are two main categories of services: Paid music promotion services and Free music promotion services.

In the music industry, the norm is that the free services are never as good as the paid ones, so it’s worth doing both.

The key difference now is, that Boost Collective gives you organic Spotify promotion campaigns for free, that you would otherwise pay for. Here’s a breakdown:

What Are Spotify Playlist Curators?

Spotify playlist curators are essentially just the owners of Spotify play lists you want to get your music on. In order to get your music on these play lists, you usually need to either pay for a Spotify campaign or pitch your music to playlists using services like Daily Playlists or SubmitHub.

The best paid promotion services have their own playlists that they manage, operate, and grow. This gives you the best results, as your song gets added to the most relevant playlists and your risk of getting botted streams goes down.

The downside of course, is that you have to pay. Getting on even a medium-sized Spotify promo campaign can cost hundreds of dollars.

The reason why Boost Collective is superior is because you get on playlists that we manage and grow. We ARE the Spotify playlist curators! By using us, you get the same quality of promotion and results as a paid campaign that costs hundreds – except it’s entirely free.

How Spotify Playlists Can Get Your Music Heard

Getting your new music featured on popular playlists is the most popular way artists push their music to new people and grow their organic streams. Spotify is one of the unique streaming platforms where this dynamic exists.

The top playlists can get you thousands of streams and hundreds of new potential fans. It is music marketing 101 these days in the music industry.

By getting on a playlist, your Spotify monthly listeners will grow, as well as your Spotify followers. If you use a platform like Boost Collective to promote your music, they can fine tune your Spotify promo campaigns to better target fans, as mentioned earlier.

Spotify Promotion is One of The Most Effective Music Marketing Methods

It is key that you avoid all forms of fake or botted streams on your music on Spotify. With the way the Spotify algorithm works, it’ll hurt your visibility, cut your royalty payments, and you might even get your song taken down.

Spotify has gotten very good at knowing which artists buy Spotify plays or buy Spotify followers. It’s not worth the risk. This is by far the worst way to promote your music (it can hardly even be called that!).

What’s The Best Spotify Promotion Service?

The cheeky answer is Boost Collective – but it’s really a complex question. There’s no right answer, as everyone’s situation is unique.

If you have a big budget, maybe it’s worth getting paid promo campaigns or running ads on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want the best overall combination of Spotify curators, official playlist placements and Spotify plays growth without having to pay anything, our platform’s entirely free Spotify campaigns are your best bet.

Is Paid Music Promotion Worth it?

Using paid music promotion to get in front of Spotify curators is worth it if you’re willing to drop hundreds of dollars for temporary results.

The truth is that Spotify promotion is rarely sticky – no matter how good it is. So when you pay so much money to get on some playlists and see your streams go up by a couple hundred or thousand, it won’t make any long-term impact on your music career. Your monthly listeners will go up sure, but you need to keep promoting your music constantly to see your stats go up over time, and most artists don’t have a budget for that sort of thing.

That’s why we decided to make our Spotify promotion entirely free for those who use the Boost Collective platform. We’ll give you the same quality of promotion that any paid service will give you, but for free.

You’re better off taking that money and putting it towards throwing a live event, developing some merch to sell, or getting PR or press. Those things will benefit your music career for years to come.

Make Audio And Video Ads With Spotify Ad Studio

There are many ways to go about promoting your new music online. One way you can get organic Spotify promotion for your new music without having to use playlists is by using Spotify’s own Ad Studio. While its mostly aimed at businesses, the streaming platform also makes it clear that artists can use it as well.

How it works is essentially you create an audio ad campaign. Free Spotify plan users will then hear your ad and hopefully then become a fan. Artists push their music by using a snippet of a song as the ad for example.

This audio ad strategy can sometimes boost Spotify followers and Spotify plays – just be aware that you’ll need to have a budget. Since this is mostly designed for businesses first, you need a big budget to run ads on the streaming platform.

The minimum for a campaign is 250$, but after doing some preliminary research on the web, many marketing agencies recommend a budget of $1,000/month. You can expect to reach a thousand impressions for $15-$25, of which a fraction will actually listen to your music (1-5%).

Pre-Release Strategies

Unless your music is consumed by the many, it’s very unlikely that releasing a track with no prior promotion will make an impact. Nobody will know it exists. Even if you have a large following on your Spotify account, it’s always important to promote your latest release. It’s important to promote your music in the pre-release state as well.

Here are some common tips to help you promote music well leading up to the release date.

  • Build interest weeks before your release. It might sound obvious, but It’s really important to create hype for your music before it even goes out. To promote your music on Spotify well, you must start before the release date.

  • Run a Pre-Save campaign on Spotify. A pre-save campaign lets your fans have your new music get in their hands first.. The second your track is released, it’s placed right into a playlist of your fan’s choosing. When used with other methods, it’s a good way to grow engagement on your Spotify account! Some pre-save campaigns let you get the email address before giving access to the pre-save in order to help you build a mailing list.

  • Leverage social media posts to ensure fans see your content. Platforms like Instagram are always changing their algorithm. Only a small percentage of your followers actually see what you post online. It has happened to us as well! Boosting posts can be a great way to ensure your fanbase see what you have to say. You can run a paid post boost to get some bonus engagement from existing fans.

  • Promote your music on Spotify by getting your new release in curator hands. Whether you find curators manually or use a platform to find them, building up a list of curators to go out and get your music to is great. A good tip is to go on LinkedIn and try to connect with people who have A&R or music curator in their bio and building up a connection there.

  • Make sure your song doesn’t have a long intro before you release. If a listener doesn’t listen for your song for more than 30 seconds on the Spotify player, it won’t count as a stream and will hurt your algorithmic push.

Some More Tips

  • When an artist push new music online, a big goal is also to get on Spotify charts. When your new releases grow, you’ll see this reflect in your Spotify for artists dashboard. Getting on your music on Spotify playlists not only will reflect in your artist profile, it increases the odds of being picked up by Spotify themselves. Keep an eye out!

  • When your song does get placed by a curator, make sure you share playlists on social media platforms! This lets the curator know that you appreciate the add and they will be more likely to add your music in the future.

  • The key to promote your music on Spotify is patience. Any particular artist can get impatient and get botted streams or take any other unethical shortcut. This just hurts you in the long run. That’s why Boost Collective is your best bet, it’s so simple and is entirely cost-free. The growth will reflect in your Spotufy for artists account, in your monthly listeners, and the growth you’ll see in your artist profile generally.